“A logo or brochure is only one component of any business strategy. At the base of it all, there is your brand. We will help you think about and see your brand differently, to let it emerge, and to assert it with conviction.”
Why branding and strategic thinking is important to your brand.

Branding is a process that helps manage your brand in an impactful and efficient way. Your brand should convey the values of your organization to better assert your presence on the market, enhance your credibility, and reassure potential clients thinking of buying your products and services.

Branding is not a complicated process, but it does require that business executives stop and think about how to develop a branding strategy for their business, products and services. 

Is your visual identity in line with your branding strategy?
Visual identity is the graphic representation of your brand. It must be in line with your business’ values and DNA, as defined through the strategic thinking process.

Your visual identity must be perceived and felt through all the communication tools you will use to reach your clients: logo, website, brochures, business cards, etc.

Brand positioning and brand strategy
Your brand is the cornerstone of your business. To your clients, it should convey strength and security.

Our strategic support process will help you better define your brand strategy through an intelligent analysis of your current situation, of your clients’ needs, and of what the competition offers. The result will be a better brand positioning!

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Asserting your brand helps you simplify and increase the efficiency of your marketing and business development actions.



Marks of appreciation

“They have an uncommon capacity to identify a business’s issues, reality, context, and constraints, even when that business is in a little-known and very specific sector of activity. Their 360-degree vision is a valuable asset for their clients.”
Annie Ève Gratton, BedonZen
“NYÉVO branding agency brought us to a dimension of vision that we had never even imagined for our organization. NYÉVO goes way beyond graphic design to propel our business towards a global vision of what it could become.”
Diane Dumont, Design Élégance
“We were seeking a unique image, at once refined, professional, and efficient. That’s exactly the style of all of Nyévo’s creations. So we chose them, and what a result! An image that fits us perfectly.”
Christiane Pichette, Maître-Corpo
“Absolutely fabulous! NYÉVO was able to guide me so that my distinctive strengths could emerge. I now feel much more on track. I recommend the brand assertion exercise to anyone wanting to see a specific direction emerge, so they know exactly where to focus their efforts, day in and day out.”
Chantal Dauray, Concerta Communications
“NYÉVO is one of the best service providers I have had the good fortune of working with. They are dedicated to providing quality, service, and value. Intuitive in their approach, I am confident they will exceed your expectations as they have mine, repeatedly.”
Kelly J. Ramsay, Asept-Air
“We wanted to work with someone who would grasp the essence of our project and with the degree of refinement required to convey our message and energy. The result is impeccable and professional, exactly what we had hoped for!”
Marie-France Côté, Coexister
“When I wanted to review my branding and positioning as a professional artist, the assertion exercise and the coaching Nyévo offered facilitated the emergence of an authentic brand that really fits with who I am and with my vision.”
Carole Doucet MBA ACC, Executive and Business Coach | Artist
“I really, truly love your approach!!! You have a way of bringing out my essence that made me feel seen for who I really am, and my values recognized. That has touched me deeply. Since then, I have been testing my purpose, and it makes so much sense! Thank you!!!”
Marie Brouillet, Coach, instructor and speaker
“Martin was able to quickly capture my attention, and ask important questions regarding our positioning in the highly competitive market of communication agencies. The brand assertion had a concrete and immediate impact for us, and it has brought everyone at the agency on the same page.”
Giscard Tremblay, Contenu Multimédia