Rebranding – Your current logo is outdated? You want it to look more modern or more actual? An image change is needed?

Here are some concrete signs that a rebranding or redesigning your brand (in part or in full) may be in order.

• The brand perception decreases even if your marketing investments are important (disconnected).
• The direction, mission, vision and values ​​of the company have changed significantly.

When the need for rebranding is confirmed then you must keep in mind that you put a lot of effort (and money) to let you know so do not be too radical in change, remain “recognizable”.

Some things to consider rebranding:
• Review the color palette, but be careful and take its choice towards colors that will stand the test of time.

• Minimalist – remove the unnecessary helps to fully assume its authenticity.

• Typography – the choice of font is important. A sans serif typeface always gives a more modern look.

• Design standard – be sure to establish design standards that will be known to everyone in your organization. This will ensure a constant and coherent use of your new image.

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