Project Description

La fête des voisins au travail is an initiative of ACSMQuebec Division with the support of Réseau québécois de villes et villages en santé.

The objective of this project event is to infuse the taste to create a sense of well-being and solidarity in the workplace.

The mandate entrusted to Nyévo by ACSM was to create a logo that would evoke a sense of well-being, solidarity and festivity. Among the different keywords you found successful: Dynamic, accessible, professional, festive.

What does La fête des voisins au travail look like?

The principles of this project event are simple and spontaneous, it is inviting employees from the same workplace, neighbors or community partners to meet and exchange on the occasion of a good time, around a breakfast, a break, a game, a cocktail or buffet. New solidarities and sometimes unexpected can emerge, who in one way or another will benefit everyone in the future.

No matter the size of the workplace, it is a unique and joyful experience fostering the exchange and sharing of his workplace.

A logotype concept that is inspiring and relevant.

The coffee cup, very common business object at all levels and of all types has been chosen as the main element to define the logotype of  La fête des voisins au travail. This is the coffee that people exchange, created links. 3 cups of the logo to illustrate the group and exchange. Garlands coming out of cups as smoke bring the festive nature of the event. As object promo cup have a big impact in the long run, everyone need one at work (or so), it is durable and it makes the promotion of La fête des voisins au travail throughout the year.

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