Project Description

Opération Père Noël Brand creation.

Branding agency Nyévo is proud to have create, almost 3 years ago, the new brand of Opération Père Noël, a non-profit organization. And more recently the graphic adaptation of this logo to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the organization.

L’Opération Père Noël c’est quoi ?

Opération Père Noël wants to enable disadvantaged children, or who have no family to live magical moments on the morning of Dec. 25, because that Santa will bring them a gift they had asked.

Since 1995, Opération Père Noël has helped thousands of children and young people from disadvantaged families to experience the magic of Christmas, thanks to the generosity of people like you, who agreed personified Santa Claus for a moments. There are more than 33,000 boys and girls ranging in age from a few months to 18 years who were able to experience the wonder of Christmas (7076 children at Christmas 2013).

A logotype concept that is inspiring and relevant.

What’s better than Santa to illustrate the organization and its mission. The simplistic appearance makes makes them accessible and the graphic elements, gift belts, ribbon and stars bring out the magic of this holiday  for children without families. The choice of classic and chic colors emphasizes the quality of the organization.

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20 years for Opération Père Noël

20 years for Opération Père Noël