If you don’t know it yet, we suggest that you should start considering looking for it, especially if you want to achieve business success in the long term. Considering that we live in a very competitive world, people want to make significant choices, they want to feel important and they want to connect. If you are able to express your belief, your purpose, people will buy what you are, not what you have.

Your business purpose is much more than its mission or even its philosophy. It is what focuses all of your resources towards a shared objective. It is the promise you make to your clients.

Here are seven questions that will help you find your business purpose:
1- What difference do you make?
2- What makes you happy the most?
3- What challenges stimulate you the most?
4- What inspires you the most?
5- Why did you choose this sector of activity rather than another?
6- What do people ask you most often?
7- What do people say most often about you?

With the answers of each of the questions you should start seeing a pattern emerge that will lead you to your business purpose.

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