Find a business name is not easy. This is a key element you need to consider very carefully.

Here are some points to consider:
1. Make sure you will not make it difficult for your customers and prospects life, make sure that your business name is pronounceable. You would not want them stammer whenever they want to talk about your business.
2. Also think of you in your search of the company name. Imagine that you will repeat it several times a day for several years (hopefully). Think about your future receptionist who will pronounce continuously.
3. The business name is one that conveys your image, it must be easy to remember, it should be descriptive of what you are doing.

Some tips to find your company name
1. To find your company name, consider the ancient languages to inspire you. Latin is a good source of inspiration. Keep in mind that words find that describes your main activity can be modified to give a unique character. For example, if you have a signalization business, you could draw inspiration from the latin Signum and turn it into  Signum express that emphasize your quick turnaround.
2. Keeping the example of business signs, you might to find a name explore all that can be related to signaling. Ex. Sign poles, painting, graphic, direction, etc. And from this new list, you can start point 1 This might give Directiography
3. You can also explore the track of synonyms to find a company name. Direction can then become Azimut and the name of the company became Signalization Azimut inc.
4. Make one stone two birds to find a business name with a URL booking sites like godaddy. These sites always offer alternatives to our requests and this can guide us to new inspirations. The advantage with this approach is that you make sure your URL is available.
5. To find a business name, you can use words generators. These are mainly web applications that offer a multitude of alternatives from a root word. Here are a some: Panabee, Business name generator, Naming.
6. There are also specialized companies to find a business name, these companies create custom brand names that reflect your stakes and markets.

It is important to always make sure the name availability with organizations such as theregistraire des entreprises du Québec before designing your logo and any other communication tool.