Co-branding, what is it exactly? We experimented and we see every day of our lives whether at home watching television, going to work or making purchases.

The definition of co-branding; combination of two or more brands for the development, marketing and / or communication of a product (or service) or product line (or a range of services), they will sign together.

One of the most common forms of co-branding is one of a brand that is associated with an artist and uses his success to catch the eye of potential customers who attentive ear to listen to their favorite artist. We will remember Start Me Upby the Rolling Stones for the Microsoft Windows 95 campaign.

This alliance between the brands most frequently based on the complementarity or simply looking for a synergistic effect in terms of advertising.

Co-branding can achieve several objectives:
Enhance the reputation of both brands
Increase the price
Broaden its product or service
Strengthen or change positioning

Some benefits of co-branding
Offer an exclusivity
Boost the offer
Win new clients

Do not imagine that co-branding is just for big brands in the world. A florist can do co-branding with the chocolate store in his neighborhood and they may well do cross promotions.

Whatever the reason for starting two companies who embarks on the adventure together, co-branding is still a principle of exchange, what I have and what I risk of lose. In business and a view of the brand, it’s all about credibility. The important word here is sign together” which soutent that both parties are responsible.

Before you start, you must make your classes and make sure you make the right choice of partners.