The brand creation and development of your business image, is not only about a logo. It is a global approach that makes it easier to fully articulate who you are and provide optimum positioning.

Our goal? Reconciling your business vision with the way your current and potential clients perceive your business.



You have a great idea for a product that a specific segment of your client base will positively love?
 You are launching a company that will, of course, resemble you?

In a word, you need to create a brand for a new product, a new service, or a new business?

We help you create value. We help you make a difference.

Our role? Defining your brand so that it will find, and reach, its market. And achieve durable results.

Rebranding - Need to spruce up your image?

Maybe all you current brand needs is a little updating. We will modernize it through strategic options regarding colors, typeface, etc. and re-energize its image or simply set guidelines for its use (graphic standards).


Your brand is already well-defined, but you wish it would better align with all your marketing communication tools?
You would like to attract new clients and retain those you already have?
You wish to align your business branding with your branding as employer?

In a word, you need ideas and strategies to enhance your brand’s profile, and tools to promote it in original ways?

We know how to design impactful tools to translate your brand’s promise.



You feel the need to clarify or validate your objectives regarding brand positioning?
Your reflection on strategic issues could use some stimulation for an outside source?
You wish to explore new avenues?

Like most senior executives, your time is probably overwhelmingly taken with day to day operations. Which is perfectly normal. This said, it has been proven that successful organizations who deliver durable results anticipate changes and adapt their strategies accordingly.

Because you care about the growth of your business, you wish to take a moment, in good company, to stimulate your strategic vision.

Our support services take the form of personalized discussion meetings of a set duration. The goal? To clarify, elaborate and refine your game plan regarding strategic issues affecting your brand.

You will be supported throughout your growth.