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Find a business name

Find a business name is not easy. This is a key element you need to consider very carefully.

Here are some points to consider:
1. Make sure you will not make it difficult for your customers and prospects life, make sure that your business name is pronounceable. You would not want them stammer whenever they want to talk about your business.
2. Also think of you in your search of the company name. Imagine that you will repeat it several times a day for several years (hopefully). Think about your future receptionist who will pronounce continuously.
3. The business name is one that conveys your image, it must be easy to remember, it should be descriptive of what you are doing.

Some tips to find your company name
1. To find your company name, consider the ancient languages to inspire you. Latin is a good source of inspiration. Keep in mind that words find that describes your main activity can be modified to give a unique character. For example, if you have a signalization business, you could draw inspiration from the latin Signum and turn it into  Signum express that emphasize your quick turnaround.
2. Keeping the example of business signs, you might to find a name explore all that can be related to signaling. Ex. Sign poles, painting, graphic, direction, etc. And from this new list, you can start point 1 This might give Directiography
3. You can also explore the track of synonyms to find a company name. Direction can then become Azimut and the name of the company became Signalization Azimut inc.
4. Make one stone two birds to find a business name with a URL booking sites like godaddy. These sites always offer alternatives to our requests and this can guide […]

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Co-Branding – Teaming-up gives you strength

Co-branding, what is it exactly? We experimented and we see every day of our lives whether at home watching television, going to work or making purchases.

The definition of co-branding; combination of two or more brands for the development, marketing and / or communication of a product (or service) or product line (or a range of services), they will sign together.

One of the most common forms of co-branding is one of a brand that is associated with an artist and uses his success to catch the eye of potential customers who attentive ear to listen to their favorite artist. We will remember “Start Me Up” by the Rolling Stones for the Microsoft Windows 95 campaign.

This alliance between the brands most frequently based on the complementarity or simply looking for a synergistic effect in terms of advertising.

Co-branding can achieve several objectives:
– Enhance the reputation of both brands
– Increase the price
– Broaden its product or service
– Strengthen or change positioning

Some benefits of co-branding
– Offer an exclusivity
– Boost the offer
– Win new clients

Do not imagine that co-branding is just for big brands in the world. A florist can do co-branding with the chocolate store in his neighborhood and they may well do cross promotions.

Whatever the reason for starting two companies who embarks on the adventure together, co-branding is still a principle of exchange, what I have and what I risk of lose. In business and a view of the brand, it’s all about credibility. The important word here is “sign together” which soutent that both parties are responsible.

Before you start, you must make your classes and make sure you make the right choice of partners.

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Business purpose – 7 questions that help you find it!


If you don’t know it yet, we suggest that you should start considering looking for it, especially if you want to achieve business success in the long term. Considering that we live in a very competitive world, people want to make significant choices, they want to feel important and they want to connect. If you are able to express your belief, your purpose, people will buy what you are, not what you have.

Your business purpose is much more than its mission or even its philosophy. It is what focuses all of your resources towards a shared objective. It is the promise you make to your clients.

Here are seven questions that will help you find your business purpose:
1- What difference do you make?
2- What makes you happy the most?
3- What challenges stimulate you the most?
4- What inspires you the most?
5- Why did you choose this sector of activity rather than another?
6- What do people ask you most often?
7- What do people say most often about you?

With the answers of each of the questions you should start seeing a pattern emerge that will lead you to your business purpose.

Need help to find your business purpose? NYEVO BRANDING will show you how to find your business purpose and assert your brand. Contact us!

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Branding — Seduction tool of choice

Branding has the function to attract attention to your business. The idea here is not to “seduce” but if you do it right, and work to make stand out what sets you apart, to become “seductive”.

Everything comes from the fact that branding is the perception (gut feeling) that people have of your services or your business. Your brand is defined by individuals. The brand is emotional and intuitive.

The simplified definition of what the branding is …
Your brand is not what you say, it’s what people (customers) are saying about it!

How to become attractive?
The key to seduction lies in your authenticity. Be true is the best guarantee of success. You will avoid the disappointments of your customers because your promise is not just a wish or a trap to attract more people. You’ve all known someone who changed his speech at a middle of the conversation to be in or being the center of attention. Remember, what were you thinking of that?

The best way to be authentic is to assert your brand and support your speech and your service offerings on your values ​​and purpose.

Need help? NYEVO BRANDING will show you how a well-designed brand can make you unique and seductive. Contact us!

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    Business Success – Strategic advice could improve your performance!

Business Success – Strategic advice could improve your performance!

Business Success – As says so well quote from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832) “Accepting a good advice, is to increase its own performance”. It is therefore essential for a business executive to seek good advice or other viewpoint in outside help to better meet the various challenges that it faces.

To achieve business success you need a good strategic support that allows an outside view of 360 degrees that will  guide you toward your goal by clarifying and specifying your game plan. In this way, with a good strategic advice, decisions will be made with more confidence and a better chance of success.

Need good advices and an outside perspective to achieve business success? NYEVO BRANDING accompany you at all stages of development in order to maximize your success. Contact us!

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Starting a Business – The key element? Brand image!

Starting a business – Starting a business is not so simple. There are countless things to do to start your business off right, like brand image and it should be the core of your strategic thinking in the early stages of starting your business.

Much more than a simple logo in attractive colors. Brand image, or if you prefer the “branding” is a comprehensive approach that promotes the expression and development of your strategic positioning.

The brand image of your company if properly designed, can express your promise and highlight its reputation and increase your credibility.

Starting a Business? NYEVO BRANDING will show you how a brand image can make a unique and powerful start up!

Contact us!

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Brand image – The strategy of winning companies

The brand image creation and development of your business image, is not only about a logo. It is a global approach that makes it easier to fully articulate who you are and provide optimum positioning.

Brand image is the corporate identity of your business. Use the right image properly prepared is essential to communicate a powerful marketing message. This image, if well designed, will make you credibility with your prospects and keep your reputation with your customers.

How to differentiate? Simply by asserting your brand. A brand well assert will bring out your purpose and your values ​​and optimal ways not leave anyone indifferent.

Need help? NYEVO BRANDING will show you how a well-designed brand can make you unique and powerful. Contact us!

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Annual Report – A flagship for your brand!

Annual Report – When producing your annual report, keep in mind that the numbers do not tell the whole story. And though for a banker or shareholder numbers can be of great emotion, it is important to put forward your purpose, your values ​​and your contribution to society.

These elements are the heart of your brand and that’s what people buy, it’s what makes you credible. This is what gives value to your business.

Thought this way, your annual report can become a very powerful promotional tool to attract new investors and major client because beyond financial performance they will understand your deep motivations.

Need help? NYEVO BRANDING will show you how your annual report can be a powerful promotional tool. Contact us!

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Rebranding – Need to spruce up your brand?

Rebranding – Your current logo is outdated? You want it to look more modern or more actual? An image change is needed?

Here are some concrete signs that a rebranding or redesigning your brand (in part or in full) may be in order.

• The brand perception decreases even if your marketing investments are important (disconnected).
• The direction, mission, vision and values ​​of the company have changed significantly.

When the need for rebranding is confirmed then you must keep in mind that you put a lot of effort (and money) to let you know so do not be too radical in change, remain “recognizable”.

Some things to consider rebranding:
• Review the color palette, but be careful and take its choice towards colors that will stand the test of time.

• Minimalist – remove the unnecessary helps to fully assume its authenticity.

• Typography – the choice of font is important. A sans serif typeface always gives a more modern look.

• Design standard – be sure to establish design standards that will be known to everyone in your organization. This will ensure a constant and coherent use of your new image.

Need help? NYEVO BRANDING will show you how your current logo can resume all its former glory. Contact us!

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Brand positioning … A unique approach!

Brand Positioning – Most companies adopt a brand positioning strategy of differentiation, they believes that it is essential to stand out in a highly competitive world. And that to stand out you have to be different. This brand positioning only keeps you focused on your competition and not to attract customers.

We say that it is actually by showing your true colors that you will assert your uniqueness. It means clarifying who you are and what you stand for. It means being fully and authentically yourself. This is how you become unique.


Our unique brand positioning strategy of asserting your brand is based on your RAISON D’ÊTRE, your values and your particular style.

This approach makes for easier decision-making and determines the next actions that will help express your promise and foster enduring relationships with your clients.

The result? A brand that asserts itself, loud and clear. A brand that captures the eye and heart of your clients. A brand they recognize themselves in, and relate to. A brand that speaks to them, delights them, charms them.

In-house, you gain precision and clarity. Decisions are arrived at more naturally, aligning themselves organically with your brand.

This new clarity also creates an engaging and shared vision that mobilizes and energizes all of your staff.

Need for clarity and inspiration to bring out your purpose and assert your brand? Do the exercise … or contact us to experience it!

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